Wednesday, September 5, 2007

9.1-2.07 Jorney to Holbox...

We arrived at Village Tanka and left almost immediately to take the ferry to Playa Del Carmen. We were joined by a long time customer of Roberta's Ed and Monica (originally from Mexico City, worked in the Fury office). We met Roberta and Jose in Playa where they had already rented cars. Jeff drove us to Chiquila via some small shanty towns. It is amazing that people still live this way. Mayan style wooden slat buildings with steel roofs and dirt floors. Most seemed to house families in only one small room - smaller than my bedroom. Probably hammocks would be hung at night for the family to sleep in. A rain storm had come through just before us and huge tarantulas, bigger than my hand, crawled out of the undergrowth to dry off on the road. We saw a monkey chained to a tree in a yard. People all looked well dressed, however humble the dwellings.When we arrived in Chequila we were picked up by Abraham (our whale shark guise) and Francisco 'Chino', our boat Captain.
The ride to Holbox was pretty with the sun setting off the port side of the boat. The ocean was flat calm and the boat dropped us off right up on the beach at our hotel 'Esmiralva'.

Allie and I shared a room overlooking the ocean.
We took golf carts to dinner as cars aren't allowed on the Island. The town was a little like San Pedro, Belize - but cleaner and with nicer people. Back at the hotel we saw a bug the size of a banana:
In the morning I got up early and walked on the beach. The sound of the waves lapping the shore was hypnotic - little shells lined the waters edge and the water trickled through them as it made its way back from the shore.

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