Saturday, March 27, 2010

The water Meter has been connected

All systems go (provided someone does not manage to steal it before we get a Iron mesh over the meter hole this weekend).
I have a pretty highly developed patience level. I account this to years of working with a colorful crew, teaching scuba diving and a genuine effort on my part to be more chilled. Lately though, my patience has been resembling despair when it comes to the commencement of building work on our house. We finished the wall around our property in 2009 and it has taken a full 3 months to get the water connected so that we can start building our house.
Anyway it is looking like the builder will be able to get started on our foundations next week. I am very cautiously excited about being able to see the outline of our ground floor soon!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

House Updates

BF's brother is making a really good job of our doors. This picture is of one of the car port doors. They are 7' tall. Tonight he was adding an iron lattice to the windows at the top and we're going to paint them this weekend.
The saga with the water company continues. After months of waiting we were eventually connected, but that very same day our meter was stolen. We've had to pay for a new meter to replace this BUT that still has not been put on. Its very frustrating because this is the only thing stopping us from going ahead with our foundation. Hopefully things will be resolved by next week. We are also going to fit some iron bars over the water meter cubby hole so that it can't be stolen.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some progress at last!!!!!

So for the first time this year things are moving again on the house building front. BF's brother is a carpenter and has been building doors for the front of our property. He's made two frames for the car port gate. I think the frames must be the most difficult part. All that needs to be done now is fill the bottom half of the gate with solid wood and the top with iron lattice work. Obviously we'll then be finishing the doors well. On sunday we tried them for size against the wall. There are some parts of the gates which will need to be shaved and other parts of the wall which will need to be chipped back, but we should end up with nice solid doors which reach within an inch of the ground and arch of the car port.
I like the way the gates are coming along. BF designed them and I think his brother has done a really nice job. The rocks that you see piled on the land are what the builders will be using to start the foundations of the house. We are still waiting for the water company to hook us up to the mains. We need water for the builders to mix their cement. 'Other people' have just used water from the mains without a contract to mix their cement but some have been fined for this and we don't want to risk that. Hopefully we should have water within the week and the foundations can begin. This will be exciting as we will really be able to see how the house is going to feel.