Thursday, March 25, 2010

House Updates

BF's brother is making a really good job of our doors. This picture is of one of the car port doors. They are 7' tall. Tonight he was adding an iron lattice to the windows at the top and we're going to paint them this weekend.
The saga with the water company continues. After months of waiting we were eventually connected, but that very same day our meter was stolen. We've had to pay for a new meter to replace this BUT that still has not been put on. Its very frustrating because this is the only thing stopping us from going ahead with our foundation. Hopefully things will be resolved by next week. We are also going to fit some iron bars over the water meter cubby hole so that it can't be stolen.


galiana street said...

Me encanta tu blog! y por lo que veo os estais constuyendo una bonita casa en mexico! Wau! Estuve en mexico hace años de ruta y fue inolvidable! Animos con la casa! Yo también estreno casa, y blog!
Abrazos desde mallorca! *

Anna said...

Thanks Galiana:)