Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Allie, Hans and Playa

Hans was at scuba Shack when I arrived and Allie join us later. They both came out for dinner with the group. I was a little frustrated because I was tired and wanted to catch up with A & H but had to be social with the group. I was very pleased that I'd get to see them later in Playa.

So on Tuesday I headed over to Playa on the ferry. Josie met me off the ferry as she was shopping there for a birthday present for Miguel. We met Allie for lunch and shopped together. Then we met Sophia for dinner. Sophia seems well. She has a boyfriend named Graham who she is moving in with and seems to have settled well into life in Playa. I feel like the peacefulness of Cozumel is missing a little from Playa and this made me more sure that I would start my job hunt in Cozumel and move to Playa if things did not work out there. The next day I was able to adopt a more sedate pace and eventually catch up with Hans over breakfast. Both seem to have settled into a more peaceful flow. Hans is loving his cave diving. Allie and I went to the beach in the afternoon and met Hans for dinner at an Italian restaurant near Protec. I was in bed by 10. Both mornings Allie and I headed to the gym. We ran and did yoga with a great yoga teacher. She was a Dutch lady who must have been around 6'2 - a fun sense of humor and a good work out. Then the beach again. This time at a more quiet spot. It had been a few months since we'd hung out so Allie and I had lots of talking to do. Last night in Playa I met some more of Hans' and Allie's friend's who seemed nice.

Allie and I then headed back to Cozumel for a last few days of diving and relaxing. We dove both mornings. The first day was crazy - I'd not seen currents like that in Cozumel and the second was more mellow. Both days we met Josie for lunch and then had a nice cocktail for dessert.

Josie showed us the building where she and Miguel live and I asked her to look out for an apartment for me. It would be nice to live near people I know. Last night Allie and I had dinner at Especias, which is our favorite restaurant on the Island. We had a lovely dinner and I was pleased that I'll have a good friend in Mexico when I arrive:)

I actually felt a little tearful getting onto my flight the next day. I am so ready to get going on this move. If only the same were true of my bank account!


Just returned from my last vacation to Mexico before my move. The first part of the trip was with a group from Hoboken. As usual a really nice bunch of people. A real mix of characters and and enjoyable group to teach/ dive with, BUT this part of the trip was a little exhausting.

I was very pleased when they all left on Monday and I could relax on my hammock, reading and snoozing. I love being close to (or in) the ocean. I find it has a huge calming effect on me. I feel very peaceful. Here in New York my mind is always racing about one problem or another and relaxing in Cozumel I couldn't seem to care.
I was reading a lying contemplating my upcoming move. A little bit scary giving up my conventional life in New York to live a VERY simplistic life in Mexico. I'd snooze, think, and pick up my book 'The Witch of Portobello' by Pablo Coelho. By chance just as I was pondering the prospect of living more simply, I read the following references in my book: "God hid the most important things from the wise because they cannot understand what is simple [Editors note: Matthew 11:25 : "I thank thee, O Father, thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes" or from St Paul (1 Corinthians 1:27): "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty."]". I found myself almost bored lying there and it made my think of the junk I fill my time with in New York - the office and resulting stress, television, teaching like crazy. I never stop and just be. It was an interesting coincidence that I should begin to read that page at that time. When two events happen pertaining to the same line of inquiry then we should pay particular attention. It turned out Allie was reading the same book in Spanish.

Monday, April 7, 2008

US Citizenship

The department at work bought me a cake and a little NY paper weight to congratulate me on getting my US citizenship. it was an ice cream cake which would have been fantastic to devour, but I satisfied myself with a little taste of the ice cream that got on my thumb when I was cutting it:(

Monday Morning

Just getting ready to go to the gym. Off to Mexico on Thursday - 10 days out of the office - Yeah!!! Also looking forward to doing some recon and seeing if I get a right feeling about moving down to Playa/ Cozumel. It will be a good time to find out what peoples recommendations are on getting a work permit. It is certainly an option for me to try to get a permit now as I have a friend with connections in Mexican immigration (this will cost another $1000) BUT then I seem to remember a Canadian friend saying she'd paid a lawyer to get her permit and it had cost in the region of $1000. I also want to look at some of the language schools.

Very well prepared following this weekend. I have done all my laundry AND IRONING - which does not happen often. Its nice to come home to a clean organized apartment.

Last night I dreamed about being in a bar with two of my ex boyfriends (of the more destructive relationship variety), together with my mother and a few other friends. I was eating tuna sandwiches (???). When I'd finished my sandwiches and said a few hellos I walked out into the sunshine and left them all.