Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Allie, Hans and Playa

Hans was at scuba Shack when I arrived and Allie join us later. They both came out for dinner with the group. I was a little frustrated because I was tired and wanted to catch up with A & H but had to be social with the group. I was very pleased that I'd get to see them later in Playa.

So on Tuesday I headed over to Playa on the ferry. Josie met me off the ferry as she was shopping there for a birthday present for Miguel. We met Allie for lunch and shopped together. Then we met Sophia for dinner. Sophia seems well. She has a boyfriend named Graham who she is moving in with and seems to have settled well into life in Playa. I feel like the peacefulness of Cozumel is missing a little from Playa and this made me more sure that I would start my job hunt in Cozumel and move to Playa if things did not work out there. The next day I was able to adopt a more sedate pace and eventually catch up with Hans over breakfast. Both seem to have settled into a more peaceful flow. Hans is loving his cave diving. Allie and I went to the beach in the afternoon and met Hans for dinner at an Italian restaurant near Protec. I was in bed by 10. Both mornings Allie and I headed to the gym. We ran and did yoga with a great yoga teacher. She was a Dutch lady who must have been around 6'2 - a fun sense of humor and a good work out. Then the beach again. This time at a more quiet spot. It had been a few months since we'd hung out so Allie and I had lots of talking to do. Last night in Playa I met some more of Hans' and Allie's friend's who seemed nice.

Allie and I then headed back to Cozumel for a last few days of diving and relaxing. We dove both mornings. The first day was crazy - I'd not seen currents like that in Cozumel and the second was more mellow. Both days we met Josie for lunch and then had a nice cocktail for dessert.

Josie showed us the building where she and Miguel live and I asked her to look out for an apartment for me. It would be nice to live near people I know. Last night Allie and I had dinner at Especias, which is our favorite restaurant on the Island. We had a lovely dinner and I was pleased that I'll have a good friend in Mexico when I arrive:)

I actually felt a little tearful getting onto my flight the next day. I am so ready to get going on this move. If only the same were true of my bank account!

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