Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Morning

Just getting ready to go to the gym. Off to Mexico on Thursday - 10 days out of the office - Yeah!!! Also looking forward to doing some recon and seeing if I get a right feeling about moving down to Playa/ Cozumel. It will be a good time to find out what peoples recommendations are on getting a work permit. It is certainly an option for me to try to get a permit now as I have a friend with connections in Mexican immigration (this will cost another $1000) BUT then I seem to remember a Canadian friend saying she'd paid a lawyer to get her permit and it had cost in the region of $1000. I also want to look at some of the language schools.

Very well prepared following this weekend. I have done all my laundry AND IRONING - which does not happen often. Its nice to come home to a clean organized apartment.

Last night I dreamed about being in a bar with two of my ex boyfriends (of the more destructive relationship variety), together with my mother and a few other friends. I was eating tuna sandwiches (???). When I'd finished my sandwiches and said a few hellos I walked out into the sunshine and left them all.

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mexpat said...

Clearly your dream is telling you that tuna is on sale at the A&P.