Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost ready to put the roof on the first floor!!!

The house is really starting to take shape now. I'm starting with a picture taken from the street of the front of the house. The clear area on the left will be the car port. The window on the right will be my study.
Here's another picture of the front door and my study window - a little closer:
This is my study again and the cruved supports at the top is where we will have a little 3' balcony on the upstairs bedroom (which will also probably be the guest room):
Looking into the kitchen from the terrace:
View of the upstairs stairwell from the kitchen:
From the kitchen, looking through the double archway which leads to the living room. The bathroom door is off to the left and the double cupboards/ closets are to the right. The background is the living room and front door:
This picture is taken from the terrace - my husbands work room is off to the left and one of the kitchen windows is right of that.
Here's a picture of the terrace with one of the workers moving bricks for some perspective:
And finally the kitchen taken from the double arch hall way leading to the living room.
Its all very exciting. We've also been shopping for tiles for the floors and bathroom. I'm hoping the roof will be put on in the next month or so. The builders are slowly leveling all of the walls at the top, so that the roof will have a strong even base. They will also need to finish the supports for the terrace roof so thae roof can be puored all in one go.

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Inger Avila said...

Anna! This is so much fun to watch! I really enjoy the photos. I'll be ready for the housewarming!