Monday, April 4, 2011

14 Weeks 4 days down (25 weeks 3 days to go)

Yes I'm pregnant! and at 14 1/2 weeks: 3 1/2 months and our little baby is about 4 1/2 inches long. I'm starting to get a big belly, but I look more fat than pregnant. Here are two little pictures taken from our most recent ultrasound:
The first is a 3D ultrasound image and the second is just the regular one. I like the second one cos you can see it's little nose. Maybe my husband and I can see these things because we caught the live version. I can't feel any movement just yet - probably in another 4-8 weeks. Actually I feel rather more like I have a nasty illness (or two month long hangover) than pregnant right now. It is going to be an interesting journey and I'm still finding it hard to put being pregnant together with actually having a child after 5 1/2 more months! We're very happy though. So far all tests have come back with positive results so we are officially out:)

I have been pretty sick, although this is showing signs of letting up A LITTLE. I've given up work almost completely now. We didn't know I was pregnant for the first month as we had a negative pregnancy test result and a light period. As a result this little peanut has been scuba diving on many occasions, while mommy has been lifting tanks weighing well in excess of the recommended 30lbs, running and roller skating!!!

I have been exercising regularly (especially over the last month). I'm swimming a little over a mile almost every day and doing prenatal yoga 3 days a week (working on increasing that to 6 days any day now) and I also plan to re-work daily meditation back into my schedule. I am very blessed in that I do not have to work. My head has been very 'foggy' and nausea has left me feeling like doing very little, but I have taken up painting. It's been something I've been meaning to return to for ages (maybe 20 years!). Anyway here are two of my first attempts:
Between painting and exercise I've been pretty busy. Our house is coming along well too. The ground floor is structurally complete including plastering (sheet rock if you are American), electric, sewage and water (well almost) and the second floor has all of its walls. We are hoping to get the roof on the second floor before the end of this month, then it will be a race against time to get it all finished by D day (September 29th).

When I say I've stopped working - that is not absolutely true. I will be working in New York for my old company for 2 weeks at the beginning of May which will be nice. Great to see friends (both home friends and work), good to fill in some time (I'll be almost 20 weeks when I return to Mexico) and fantastic to get some shopping in. I am desperate for refills of my favorite shampoo and conditioner and I have a long list of baby things to buy. All very exciting!


naidyfinn said...

lovely work...the baby and the painting :-)

Anna said...

Thanks Sinead!