Monday, July 23, 2007

Advanced Nitrox

Advanced Nitrox

Well this weekend started with a Friday night class at Charlie Fertion’s house. I’m taking an Advanced Nitrox Diving certification – which is proving to be very challenging on many levels. Anyone who knows me well can attest to my lack of mathematical prowess. I have developed into a fairly disciplined student though, and devoted many hours to getting my head around the math and formula’s of decompression dive planning. I can now say that I am comfortable planning a deco dive. Sadly, this was to the detriment of my spending time planning the practicalities of a deco dive, with all new equipment, and filled with skills. This resulted in a colossal clusterfu*k of a dive with Charlie on my first time out. The dive was followed by a critical evaluation, which was very difficult for me to handle - a feeling akin to failing my first (and second) driving tests. I take criticism far too much to heart and it’s been challenging to stand back and view the critique in the way it was intended. Also very frustrating, because I know this type of diving is within my capability. Class was concentrated around execution of skills which was great because I had arranged to dive on Saturday with Hans Kaspersetz (Allie’s husband) at Dutch Springs to practice drills.

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Hans said...

So whats the deal? Did you ever finish this class? I am pretty sure you could do it, if you wanted.

In any event, we don't really do much deco diving down here in Mexico. I don't even bother with a computer anymore. Just some timers and knowing the ndls.