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Lennox MA July14/15 2006

I'd planned to return to Lennox, MA since a trip there with my parents in 2005. This weekend I'd arranged a trip with two of my friends from New Jersey, Catherine Holtz and Allie Gaddy - both kindred spirits. We arrived late Friday night and after a deep, albeit brief, philosophical debate on the contents of 'People' and 'Hello' magazines we turned in for the night. We woke early Saturday and were surprised at how crisp the air was in comparison to the sticky heat of NYC in July. Allie and I decided to go for a run. Cat was to power walk behind us. Conversation soon faded as we headed up the first hill! Thankfully Allie runs at a pace as slow as mine - which is truly rare. The air was fresh and filled with the smell of woodland. Bird song made us feel very relaxed. We did come across a ferocious wild brown bare, who turned out to be a man stooping to pick up his Saturday paper. We doubled back after 15 minutes. We passed Cat pretty quickly as her power walk speed fell only slightly short of our running pace. It was agreed that Cat would head on and we'd pick her up in the car. Well - what a fiasco ensued. We jumped into Cats car and followed the road we'd expected Cat to take - no sign of her. So we doubled back, tried an alternate route and then made our way back to the original parking spot. By this point Allie and I had become convinced that Cat had been kidnapped. Our main suspect was a shifty character we'd seen earlier on our run, who'd looked very sheepish when we'd said good morning and undoubtedly had been up to no good in the trunk of his car (midnight blue Toyota 4 Runner). Having alerted a passing police officer of our plight and stopping several early morning strollers for questioning, we eventually found Cat around 10 miles down the road. Very relieved, we decided black bears and kidnappings had left us very hungry so we showered and went into Lennox for breakfast. We ate in a fantastic little cafe named 'Carols'. The walls were blue and covered in painted white clouds. There was an intuitive medium offering readings and we all decided to give it a go. Her name was Vicki Baird ( I've been preoccupied with thoughts of leaving my stressful office job in Manhattan for a more simple life in Mexico. Learning a new language, teaching scuba, meeting more free spirited people. I feel my spirit is stagnating in commercial NYC, and that I'm ready for a new adventure. BUT then I'm scared of change and very attached to my little apartment, fantastic group of friends and the financial security my job gives me. Vicki professed to be able to communicate with spirit guides, and view what she describes as video type images of her subject's future. Whether or not this was true I cant say, but she was a very warm and intuitive person. I'd once been told by a psychic that I had a black spirit attached to me and that this was the reason I'd befallen such foul luck in love. Vicki was cross about this. She said that the lady I'd encountered had probably had some kind of gift but that the darkness she sensed around me was of quite a different nature. She told me that I had the gift of seeing people's feelings (which is very true), and that I often ended up being darkened by other people's troubles. She saw that I'd recently been trying hard to distance myself from the urge to take responsibility for the way others were feeling (true, true...). She suggested I should imagine a white light around me when I am around bleak people. This I will try. Vicki also told me that I was more at home in nature. She saw that I was artistic and asked me about photography. Apparently she saw my fame resting in this field. Her view was that a move to Mexico was almost necessary for me to make. My spirit guides are apparently so numerous as to represent a throng behind me. Three were dominant; a man, who bizarly water ski's, is the guide who is most dominant when I am close to nature. There is also a lady dressed in Victorian clothes - either a spiritual or physical ancestor. I asked about my grandmother and was told she was happy to be free. A free spirit who'd not been able to be free in her life and fully behind my planned move. A fair assessment. Cat and Allie had similarly pleasing experiences.
After breakfast we shopped for our picnic din
ner and bought sushi for lunch. We ate on the grass behind the theater where we were to see a Midsummer Night's Dream.
We had a glass of red wine and pondered our readings, I read a little. The play was good fun, although I find actors the strangest folk. After the play we headed to Tanglewood and set up to watched Andre Previn conducting Mozart's Symphony No. 29, Haydn's Cello Concerto No.1 in C and Ravel's Sheherazade. A good red Shiraz with cheese, bread, olives and hummus. Champagne and fruit to follow. The evening got off to a sophisticated start, but quickly proceedings took a downward turn, when we decided to imagine the conductor's sexual antics in terms of his conducting style. Very juvenile and nothing at all to do with me:)
By the time Ravel was underway we three had fallen into a deep sleep.
The next day we returned to Carol's and this time decided to each spend 30 minutes with Sheilaa Hite ( I had another great reading. This time based on Tarot cards and a palm reading. I was told that I had an old spirit and the hard time I'd had in relationships had been to do with the settling of old karma. I had been a seer in past lives. There was a great connection, for me, with the Ocean. Sheilaa also urged me to go to Mexico. She too saw photography and writing in my future. She said love was on the cards but that I had more to learn about myself first. I had a few years to go, although the lovers were entwined in the ocean. My future looked safe financially, people warmed to me, she said because of this gift I have of seeing people and would want to help me and give me things. My spirit was on a journey and would only stagnate in an office. I needed to move to grow. She urged me to move as soon as possible. Felt very inspired after breakfast and settled under a wise old tree with a glass of white wine and pondered life and my future while waiting for Allie and Cat.

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