Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alex Kirkbride's American Waters

On Wednesday night I met Cat, Allie, Hans and Aaron at a bar in the
city where Alex Kirkbride was giving a talk about his new
photography book. He inspired my longing to travel and
made me more convinced that buying my car was the right thing
to do. Also looking forward to getting a good digital camera.
A stolen and abandoned car at a disused quarry in Illinois.

His pictures were pretty cool. He had taken three years and traveled
around the States taking one underwater picture in every state. The
picture above is a stolen car at a disused quarry in Illinois. The next
are of a 20 yr old blind cat fish in San Marcos Texas, a rain pond
in Connecticut, an Atlantic sand tiger shark on the papoos wreck off
North Carolina:
This 20-year-old blind catfish in San Marcos, Texas, is one of the last survivors from when its lake was part of an amusement park.
The last shot from the last state - a rain pond in Connecticut. Atlantic sand tiger shark on the Papoose wreck, North Carolina.

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