Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sound Healing Meditation - Roger Ansanelli

I've been feeling VERY out of sorts recently. Too much change going on for my liking and well its sort of knocked me off balance. I was talking to my yoga teacher Laurie and she mentioned this guys meditation sessions in Hoboken. Roger plays Chrystal Singing bowls:

He uses them like chimes or runs a block around the top of the bowl - similarly to the way you run a finger round a crystal glass. The sound that the bowls make is booming and does vibrate through right through you. He also sings and Chants - somewhere between Chinese Opera and a tribal rain chant.

This is how he puts it:
"Sound Healing, is the use of sound to shift/change your vibrational frequency to a higher state of resonance, vibrational coherency. This is a conscious decision to actively change your vibration — what you are actually vibrating at this moment to another vibration of your choice. You might be vibrating sadness or frustration or just blah — apathy and decide to vibrate at a higher frequency which would be an emotional state of happiness, joy or you might be experiencing a feeling of disconnect or just plain off and desire to come in to a place of resonance that is more connected and whole.

We do this by first choosing to change and asking for assistance. Being supported by the higher realms is a natural occurrence and we feel their presence in our lives, and their presence through sound in this class. We are all divine, so divinity is all around us — not a mile up and you make a right, it is our constant. So, we use our brilliance, our hearts, to lead us.

The sound that comes out is love and it is beautiful. I invite you to come and experience it."

So did Roger's class have an effect on me? It is certain that I am not vibrating at a healthy level right now - according to R's theory. I will say I experienced bursts of energy during the class. He invited us all to sing - make noises at times (I contemplated humming dum, dee, dum, dee, dum, tee, tee, dum when it came to my turn) but made a kind of Om noise instead which was much more in keeping with the spirit of things. Kind of feels silly singing out loud in front of a group of strangers BUT also kind of invigorating. Bit like when Sinead and I used to scream bloodcurdling screams at the top of our lungs in University to relieve stress.

Today I do feel a little more centered. Who knows. I think I'll try it again though. Plus I have Laurie's 1/2 moon meditations to look forward to.

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