Monday, October 6, 2008

Spanish Classes

So today I had my first Spanish class at a small language school called S.E.A. It was really more of an assessment than a class. My tutor is only 23 and seems nice. Her name is also Ana and she has moved to Cozumel, from Mexico City, to get experience as a DJ. We just went over basics after I did a short paper to assess where I was, skill wise. My first class 'proper' is on Wednesday and then we will decide on a more permanent schedule. I'm thinking of 3 classes a week for now until I start working and then perhaps two nights a week, moving down to 1 when I get better.
Other EXCITING news for today is that the lady downstairs Barbara, was in Cancun this weekend and got me a salad spinner. These are great here as you have to wash all of your salad in a disinfecting solution before eating it. You can soak things for 15 mins in the salad spinner then spin it dry.

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