Thursday, October 2, 2008

National Association of Women in Business

On Saturday night my accountant invited me to an event held by the National Association of Women Business Owners, Cozumel branch. This was pretty interesting. I sat with Regina and her sister:There were speeches and presentations in Spanish which I didn't really understand but I get about 30% of what is being said and I enjoy listening and trying to put together the missing pieces. Regina's sister Alexandra lives in Guadalajara and has her own business designing and producing purses. I also met a lady, Lourdes who owns a gym near my building (I did check this out and there are no tread mills or working A/C so its not for me.
Anyway this even was populated by the old wealth in Cozumel. The ladies were very well dressed and from what I could make out from the speeches were pretty accomplished women. I may go to mare events of this group. Definitely good contacts to be made here:
I once thought that I was a very good judge of character. Later in life, I have decided that I have a terrible read on people. The woman who won the award for 'heart of gold', for example, looked very dull, adorned in designer duds and dripping jewlary, sitting next to her wealthy American husband. Then they started talking about her life and showing a slide show with pictures of her as a child and as a young woman sitting in a field of grass, then with children, and she looked nice and like her life had been full of adventures - her husband also looked nice as a young man and suddenly I viewed the couple in a very different way. I'm going to have to work on this first impressions thing. I guess its just natural. This was a side of Cozumel I'd not seen before and I was intrigued by these women. I also met a friend of Regina's who was an underwater videographer. She offered to put me in touch with her boyfriend who still runs an underwater videography company. For now I think I want to work as a scuba instructor, but I do intend to give this lady a call and perhaps meet for coffee to get her take on the dive industry in Cozumel and where might be good to look for work.

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