Saturday, September 27, 2008

New apartment

I finally moved in to my new apartment. With my stuff in it, it looks strangely like my old apartment in New Jersey:
Bedroom:Living room:
Bathroom:Little Kitchen:
Part of the reason it looks the same is that my furniture in NJ was, quite coincidentally, Mexican. I can report two roach spottings. The first was taken care of with a spritz of raid and a flush down the toilet. I think the second escaped from the kitchen after it had been thoroughly cleaned and fumigated with raid. He was in the last throws of death and joined his buddy in the toilet. I've cleaned every inch of the apartment and sprayed raid around the perimeters of the bathroom and kitchen. I'll do the whole apartment, but you have to do it just before you leave as its pretty toxic. I also need to get one of those little plastic covers for the drain in the shower as I think this is one of the main entry points. On Jorge's suggestion I have been pouring a little bleach down there from time to time. I bet the Dali lama would have a similar view on roaches as he does mosquitos if he lived in Mexico. Now I have my apartment sorted out I can concentrate on getting a Spanish tutor and starting an exercise regime. I think I will start yoga next week.


Luis Fernando said...

Nice Apartament.

Have a nice week.

Anna said...

Thanks:) And I seem to be winning the battle with the bugs and humidity is down since I've been running the fans.

Luis Fernando said...

Yes Anna, you need here the fan almost every month of the year, except january and february.

I need to practice and improve my english, spanish is my native language, too bad I live in Mérida. :(

Bugs have a direct link with leftovers, is preferably to clean everything, my problem are the ants.

Have a nice day.

Anna said...

I have been told about these pellets that you can leave out for ants. They take them back to their little ant colonies and it kills them all. Seems a little sad but if the spray does not work I may have to wage war on the entire colony. I start my Spanish classes again on Monday.

mexpat said...

Nice digs! Looking forward to seeing them in person! :)