Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just writing a quick update from a lovely peaceful Hotel courtyard in Merida because the wireless internet does not seem to work in our room. It's very relaxing and still here - commodities which have been scarce so far in Mexico!
It took 7 hours to get here, but that was the last long drive of the trip. We were aiming for a Hotel in the main square but the square is closed on Sundays for a market. We ended up getting flustered driving round in circles. Just when we were about to give up we stopped to re-group. There, right where we pulled over, was an amazing hotel (I think it is called the Hotel Grand Real). Anyway it is beautiful and has only been open for two weeks so the room smells fresh and new. The staff speak English (I know I'm in Mexico and I promise I have really been trying with my Spanish but it is so nice to be able to ask questions in English). Anyway Dad is dying to see the Cathedral and while he was in the shower I checked mass times. We are in luck there is mass today at 6.30pm. Mass in Spanish, as tired as I am, may send me to sleep -but I'll take one for the team. I do actually intend to go to Church in Cozumel, but its something I prefer to have a clear head for.
We have only about a 4 hour drive to Playa del Carmen from here (this is where my friends Hans and Allie live and where we catch the car ferry to Cozumel). So our plan is to get up early again, drive to Chitzen Iza to see the Mayan ruins and have breakfast. Then we'll head to Playa, hopefully get there by lunch time, find the car ferry and get over to Cozumel. Tomorrow I hope to be sleeping in my (temporary) new bed!!!
Allie flies back from New Jersey on Tuesday so hopefully we'll be well rested and will be able to meet her in Cozumel for dinner.


Luis Fernando said...


my name is Fernando.

I just want to say that I am living in Mérida I am mexican, so just want to wish you good luck with your trip.

Anna said...

Thanks Luis! I really liked Merida:)