Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things are going well...

So I had a good day today. Roberta gave me some details of an accountant her husband uses, Regina. Regina is awesome - she is originally from Guadalajara and speaks fantastic English. She's going to help me register with the tax people down here (hacienda) and help me with some FM3 issues. The best thing is that she is around my age and is going to introduce me to all of her friends. I am very excited to meet another potential female friend on the Island.
I also was pleased to find that a friend Monica, who is impossible to reach by telephone has started working at her old job next door to Scuba Shack. She was really pleased to see me today and had some really positive advice on working.
I also found out information on the course I have to take to register to teach in the Marine Park. You have to pay for the course at the bank so I did that and am actually going to sign up tomorrow. Its in October so it gives me some time to learn more Spanish and study some of the materials friends have from previous courses. The latest info is that there is no exam which is amazing news! - if true. If there is an exam I will manage. One of the dive Masters from Scuba Shack who I have known for years is going to take the same course as me so he can help me out.
I also committed to renting an apartment in this building and am excited to move in. Its on the third floor so feels a little safer. Its bright (painted white) and has a safe built into the wall which is great.
The only fly in the ointment was that I lost my ATM card. This pissed me off a little but I called my bank, got it canceled and am expecting another one soon. I figured what's the use of letting this get me down - there's nothing I can do to change the situation.
I'm taking a cave class with Allie this weekend which should be fun. Also Hans is going to do a pre-course dive with me so I can go over some stuff which will be great.


mexpat said...

The third floor will also be better for breezes. You will probably just be able to open your windows and forget about fans!

Jose said...

It's cool that things are starting to unfold, meet people, get things lined up. Sucks about the ATM card though.

Anna said...

And a nice balcony to sit on and watch the sun set:)