Monday, September 1, 2008

Guest Writer on my blog

My Dad's experiences of Dallas:
We had a comfortable ride right through from Memphis to Dallas in dry, sunny weather. We had left at 6.30 and arrived in Dallas at 12.56. This was a good piece of driving by Anna. Arkansas was very rural and beautiful. Texas is brasher and more commercialised. The towers of the city make an exciting approach. We are in the Magnolia Hotel in the centre of downtown Dallas. We are a couple of blocks away from the site of the Kennedy assassination. I had a lovely lunch with Anna at a Mextex diner and while she went back to the hotel for a bath, rest and sleep, I went out to visit the Kennedy sites. First there was the Kennedy Memorial in Main Street, a large rectangular construction of white blocks of stone. Next I photographed the famous triple underpass and knoll where shots might have come from, according to some witnesses. Finally, I visited the sixth floor of the famous former book depository building from which Harvey Lee Oswald unleashed the shots that killed the President. The exhibition was absolutely first rate, a mixture of wall historical information, photographs and newspaper reports and also several period movie films. I was there a couple of hours. The city was very humid and sticky after this, so I came back for a warm bath, which I greatly enjoyed. Anna has had a good doze. She has booked two hotels for the next stage of our journey, one in Austin and one in Brownsville, the border town. If all turns out well, this puts us back on schedule on our journey to Mexico. We may have a bite tonight and certainly a good sleep. We shall also keep an eye on the hurricane through television. We shall leave early in the morning for Austin. New Orleans has been very lucky, with no heavy damage, though some flooding. That rain will spread. It is important to see what the effects have been on Texas. Watch this space....


Cat said...

Great update "Dad"! I have been to Dallas numberous times and have never actually made it to the "grassy knoll"...I may have driven by several times but never went to see it. It sounds like you are having a nice journey and that is what it is all about. I am glad that you and Anna have this time together, it is nice to have someone to share the transition with. I look forward to additional guest posts! ; )

Anna said...

From Joe (Anna's Dad):
Dear Catherine,
Nice to hear from you. After leaving NY I have been refreshed by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smokeys (saw more smoke than mountains). Graceland was wonderful. I missed Sun Records but later I was stunned and moved by the Kennedy museum on the 6th floor. Standing at Oswald's view point was so scary, even I could not have missed the shot.
Our greatest relief has been to out wit a hurricane and now we look forward to the border of Mexico, a country I have never visited but who's ancient cities I know about. Diane and I hope to see sometime, lots of love xoxo Joe