Monday, September 1, 2008

Where am I now????

Dallas!! Actually its less exciting than it might seem. We had a 7 hour drive from Memphis and I am now zapped. Dad has gone off to see where Kennedy was shot and I plan to relax in a nice hot bath and perhaps have an afternoon snooze. Then I need to book hotels in Austin and Brownsville.
So I thought now might be a good time to talk a little about what it's like in the car. One fairly amusing thing is that, at the last minute, I decided to bring my pendulum clock. It bongs every 15 mins. 10 am is the funniest because I recently bought a new watch and have yet to read the instructions. At 10 am my watch alarm goes off (I don't know how to disable this) followed closely by the bongs of Big Ben. My dad says its a little bit of sanity from England. I'm fairly sure most would not assess this situation as sane.
We talk a little. I'm learning more about my Dad's parents and brothers, which is nice. We listen to 'The Hobbit' and have long Sing alongs to Elvis, Guys and Dolls, Ella Fitzgerald. There have also been shocking confessions: Claire Hagen, if you are reading this blog you might want to stop reading here. It would seem that my beloved goldfish 'Sam Samson' passed away suddenly and was surreptitiously replaced by Sam Samson II. Sam Samson was your common gold, goldfish and his mate 'Molly' was white with a red flash. I had to be told about Molly's demise because she was too distinctive to replace. This lead me to wonder about the miraculous Hagen goldfish 'Goldie' who lived into her 20ies (humn..). Santa Clause, Sam Samson, what more is there I don't know about.
Anyway we are on schedule tomorrow Austin, then Brownsville and across the border.

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