Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last night in the USA (Brownsville)

This morning the drive to Brownsville was flat. Allie had warned me it was the most dull part of the journey and she was right. Although it seems that it is mating season down here for big red butterflies a particularly fat breed of dragonfly. These dragonflies are the size of humming birds and many of these poor love sick fools met their deaths on my windscreen. A bit disgusting to clean up too, I can tell you.
The start of the drive to Brownsville:
And 2 1/2 hours later on the same road:
I have to be fair though and say there were 2-3 very exciting 2 min stretches where I had to turn my steering wheel slightly. I actually kind of like this type of driving when I'm not too tired. I was pretty fresh today so it made for an easy trip. You could see drivers nodding off ahead and nearly veering off the road. We did actually witness the aftermath of a car having run off the road - I'm guessing because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. The car was pretty banged up.
Anyway we got to Brownsville - I flopped on the bed for a mini rest:
Had lunch and then jumped in the pool to stretch out my aching back:
So how are we progressing:
7 stops down
Thurs Aug 28 - Baltimore
Fri Aug 29- Asheville
Sat Aug 30 - Nashville
Sun Aug 31 - Memphis
Mon Sept 1 - Dallas
Tues Sept 2 - Austin
Wed Sept 3 - Brownsville
5 to go...
Thurs Sept 4 - Tampico
Fri Sept 5 - Veracruz
Sat Sept 6 - Villa Hermosa
Sun Sept 7 - Campeche
Mon Sept 8 - Valladolid
Tues Sept 9 - Cozumel!!!!!


Matt and Allan said...

Good luck crossing the border!! Once you get across and then go by the second one 25 miles in you're pretty much free!!!

We'd love to grab a drink with you once you arrive and get settled.

Matt and Allan

Anna said...

I made it through:) Actually all went pretty smoothly. One occasion when it does not hurt to be a blond girl. Man I am sick and tired of driving though!!!

Jose said...

I guess the camera is working again huh?