Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fiesta -Mexican Independence Day

Punta Morena - Adriana Sole Durazo
Yesterday Josie and I drove to a beach on the windward side of the Island, Punta Morena. This is a surf beach - and later in the day we did see two surfers - other than that it was pretty deserted. We went to a beach Club where they have chairs and had a few sodas in the sun. Actually I sat in the shade because I'm in no real hurry to burn like a crisp and I like to snooze in the shade. The water was beautiful and we had two long swims - there are far more waves on the windward side of the Island (hence the surfing). I wished I'd brought my camera and mask and snorkel. Miguel has been scuba diving over there. I think that might be a little risky with the currents so I think I'm going to leave it until I know someone who has A LOT of experience on that side, as it looks pretty scary to me.
Last night we went out with Miguel, Petros & Elvia. It was the eve of Mexican Independence Day and pretty much everyone on the Island was congregated in a lot near Chedraui (local supermarket) where there were children's rides, food and beer stalls and TONS of people - all locals. I saw one guy who was taller than me and then realized that I was walking in the street and he was standing on the sidewalk with a 1/2 ft advantage:) The mood was great, tons of families (I have been warned on several occasions now that Cozumel is renowned for great fertility!). Actually one of the things I really love about Mexico is the importance they still place on family.
I tried a Marquesita which is like a crape which they make on hot plates in front of you and then fill with cheese and roll into a crunchy cheesy tube - pretty good. I also ordered a chelada , which is usually a beer with lime and salt. This one came with dried chili around its rim and I'm not sure I'm up to that taste yet. At about 9.45pm there was some reading of the Mexican Declaration of Independence, followed by the anthem of Cozumel and then the Mexican National Anthem. At 10 there was a firework display, which was beautiful. When the fireworks were over there was a bit of a crush to leave. Mexico became independent in 1810 so in 2 years that will be 200 years of independence. [Live+México+-+16+Septiembre.bmp]

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