Saturday, September 6, 2008

Villa Hermosa - Not so bad

10 stops down Aug 28- Sept 6
Baltimore; Asheville; Nashville; Memphis; Dallas; Austin; Brownsville; Tampico; Veracruz & Villa Hermosa
2 to go...
Sun Sept 7 - Campeche/ Merida
Mon Sept 8 - Valladolid
Tues Sept 9 - Cozumel!!!!!
The drive today was pretty nasty in the morning. Torrential rains covered us and the road. My little windshield/screen wipers could not keep up. I'm getting better at potholes and speed bumps. My car's wipers, suspension and four wheel drive have been tested to the full. My little car is doing well. I think the journey would have been very beautiful if we had been able to see anything other than rain and fog. My rain coat came into its own at the gas station.
We are getting closer. Tomorrow I want to drive to Merida (we could stop in Campeche if we're too tired and then we are almost in Cozumel). It should take around 7 hours and be the last really long drive of the trip. We are staying in one of the nicer hotels in Villa Hermosa - the Olmeca Palace. We had one of the nicest meals of the trip on our arrival. My back is killing me and, as we are coming into the home stretch and the bed feels pretty comfortable tonight, I have decided to splurge and get a massage (its only $40 for an hour and I think its worth it). I cannot wait! Think I'll watch a little bit of my ipod have a shower, a massage and then bed.
Dad did a great job of map reading on the way into town today and he's had a little explore. I'm told it was just too hot to hunt down a church for mass today though.

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