Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Change of Plans

Well there were no hotels to be had in Little Rock, which is a shame because I was reading a little bit about the area and had my heart set on a soak in a hot spring. We decided to head on to Memphis. My dad really wanted to see Graceland, as did I and really it was our only option. We plan to get on the road for Dallas at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Well 6am.
So Graceland was pretty cool. There were an insane amount of people there because of the influx of New Orleans evacuees with nothing to do. We had a bit of a wait for the first house tour so we stooped to get some postcards:

Then we went to see Elvis' bikes and cars - very dated, but pretty cool:

Eventually we got to the house. People had warned me it was very small in comparison to our current mega star's houses. This was true. We started with the family room and dining room:

His bar and TV room. Apparently he was very proud that he could watch all THREE network channels at the same time:

The pool room and jungle room 9apparently a terrible interior decor fad of the 70's (note the feature waterfall on the back wall - very tastefully lit)

His father's (Vernon Elvis Presley) office and two of his famous suits:

Finally, Elvis' grave:
I'm a pretty sentimental soul and let me tell you this whole thing was a little bit sad. I think Elvis probably had a very unhappy life, despite of or perhaps because of his wealth and success. I also found it sad looking round all of his prized possessions, particularly as I've been bemoaning the loss of my 'stuff' recently. Like I said, Graceland was flooded with New Orleans evacuees who are more than likely to loose all of their stuff if this hurricane is as bad as predicted. Elvis' stuff is all dated - his prized televisions so antiquated they'd have no value to anyone, his clothes and decor well out of date. Only 31 years after his death his stuff is old and worthless (well other than the fact that it is Elvis' stuff). Then these poor people wandering around Graceland with me are quite possibly going to loose all of their stuff. In sum I decided people's (and my) attachment to thing's is just human but kind of futile. Phew I need a hot bath and some food and then bed early for tomorrow's hellish drive!


mexpat said...

I am SO Jealous!!!!! We didn't get to go inside because it was too late when we got there. :( I really want to see Graceland some day.

I get in to Cancun at 12:20 on Tues. the 9th! Can't wait to see you!!!

Anna said...

Yes I knew you would be jealous!!! I bought you a couple of Elvis postcards though. I really wanted to buy 'Elvis & Me' be Precilla, but my Dad said it would be trashy. Now I'm wondering what in the hell stopped me. I need some trashy stuff to read.
I think I'll probably go right to Cozumel on the 9th. You could come over that night or the 10th after you get settled in. I have the house to myself for a month or two I think. I was thinking Dad and I might spend one or two nights in Playa. He wants to do some touristy things that may work better from there.