Friday, August 29, 2008

Trip to Baltimore Thurs Aug 28

Today was pretty stressful. I woke up early to review my finances. Then started doing some more packing, cleaning and sorting. It has been never ending! Dad and and went out to Panera again for breakfast and then brought the car round and started to load. At first I was pleased that everything seemed to be fitting well but as we got more and more loaded it became clear that it was not all going to fit in. anyone who knows my dad will know that although he is generally pretty positive, he does have a tendency to be very bleak when it comes to finding parking spots, making good time on journeys and packing. Well this time he was very good and I'm not sure I heard one 'you're never going to fit everything in'. This was a very good thing as I was on the verge of tears all day - mostly just because I was so exhausted. We eventually got on the road at around 3pm. The drive was hard in the beginning because I only had a small window through all of my stuff to see cars behind. 3 1/2 hours later, by the time I got to Baltimore, I was becoming better at gauging distances in my side mirrors. We stopped for coffee because my eyes were getting heavy and arrived just after 6.30. Jessica and her husband Mark cooked for us. They cooked Mexican food to prepare our taste buds for what was to come. Jordan, Jessica's brother also came round to visit. Jessica left me a nice card which, again almost made me cry this morning. I hope all three will come to visit. They all dive so I think they may well pop down in the New Year. Today we're heading off at 9am to go to Ashville, North Carolina. We decided to leave a little later because rush hour traffic going into DC is supposedly pretty bad and also I wanted to get a decent nights sleep. I have the type of exhaustion that could really use a weekend of laying in bed (or on the beach) doing nothing. As luck would have it that is exactly what I intend to do for a while in Mexico. I feel like the impact of this move will not hit me until I'm actually there.

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