Friday, August 15, 2008

SCB Waterfall Cruise

Last week a group of us took a cruise after work. Me, Muge,
Tom Hamilton - underwriting - used to work in claims and had the misfortune of training with me for some of that time! He loved every minute of it and has particularly fond memories of my red penmanship.
Gina Kim - new receptionist who I get along kind of well with. Just starting to become friends so its a shame to be leaving Gina.
Muge, me & Gina

George Tsimis - claims dept manager
Don Moore - or 'Donster' my co claims manager - truly love Don - one of the best people you'll findDon and his son Don Jr.

Parker Harrison - Parker is new to our office but we really hit it off. Something about the folk from New Orleans that reminds me of people from my home town. Very down to earth. Hope Parker will come and visit me.Parker with beer

Margaret Lee has been with the company for quite a while. Margaret is always very reserved but lovely - I also hope she'll visit me. She also hates having her picture taken - sorry Margaret !Margaret with beer

I enjoyed spending some downtime with the people from work. We're so often comrades in arms its nice to kick back with a few beers and let our hair down. We should have done that more often I thought - but then I do like to go to bed early on work nights.
Muge took some nice shots of Manhattan:
Here's one of the waterfalls we all came to see:"Four mammoth waterfalls will spring into existence, freestanding cataracts roaring down into the East River and New York Harbor in a multimillion-dollar engineering feat designed by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson". Honestly I thought they were OK and not worth the millions they cost. Plus they are killing trees in the park under the Brooklyn Bridge - bloody artists:)

Finally me with Lady Liberty:

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