Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Well we're in Nashville just about to go out to dinner with my friend Jenn and her husband Bobby. We had planned to go on to Memphis tomorrow and then on to New Orleans. Currently though a force 4 (almost 5) hurricane is heading towards New Orleans 'Gustav'. Both we and Gustav are scheduled to arrive in New Orleans on Monday. We've been throwing around some alternate plans. Trouble is that really all there is between us and Mexico is currently in the path of Gustav, or at least likely evacuation zones. One possibility is to head over to Dallas and then down through San Antonio. This would be OK in terms of avoiding hurricane conditions but we would likely encounter the mass exodus of people leaving New Orleans. My friend Parker was living in New Orleans when Katrina hit and has said we should stay well clear of evacuation traffic. BUGGAR!!
Of course there is a chance that this storm will dissipate, or track West. HUmn.. what to do. Sinead has been mobilized to check what can be done to delay my Dad's flight in the even we have to stay here for a while. Either way I think we may head on to Memphis tomorrow and see how Gustav moves.
Of course our prayers go out to those who are more seriously affected by Gustav.
Strong waves seen at Saint Domain beaches, Dominican Republic, on 25 August 2008. Dominican Republic issued a Hurricane warning from south-southeast at the country toward the border with Haiti, due to the arrival of tropical storm Gustav, the seventh in the current hurricane season.

Gustav formed off the coast of the Dominican Republic on Monday


rscalzo said...

I've been following the progress to your new adventure. I wish you the best feel somewhat sad that I'm losing another great NJ diver.

On the other hand, you'll be living in Cozumel and I'll be stuck up here in the snow.

Be careful with Gustave. My niece survived Katrina when living in NO and she said it wasn't pretty.

mexpat said...

Allie and I were just talking about you and the storm! Looks like you have the best timing. Good luck navigating around it. Maybe you should head up to vegas then come down to MX.

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