Sunday, August 31, 2008


We left Asheville right after a quick bagel in the hotel reception and headed to Knoxville. It was a pretty cool drive through the Smokey Mountains:

This sight might give you a start if you came across it on a winding road -it was a truck pulling another truck cab backwards: We made good time and in about 2 1/2 hours were in Market Square. We had a wander around the square and then had lunch in a very popular diner 'The Tomato Head':We then went on to Nashville. My old work friend Jenn Bennett moved to Nashville last Friday from Florida. Last night we went out for dinner with Jenn and Callie (who I also worked with) and their husbands Bobby and Steve. It was great, as usual to see Jenn and I hope she and Bobby come to stay soon. We ate at a Japanese restaurent and decided to head right home afterwards because we were both tired and new we had a long day the next day. Nashville looked like it had a pretty active night life. By 10.30 the streets were full of young people and music was oozing out of the many neon lit bars. I would like to come back and see some more of the town. Dad liked this sign (his name is Joe):

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