Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Count Down. Friday

Boy what a busy weekend. Friday was awesome. Jose Fernando and I drove down to near AC to do a dive off a boat called the Tuna seizure on a wreck - the "San Jose". During the dive was the first time in ages that I felt relaxed - no lists running through my mind (U-Haul, what will fit in my car, should I bring my dinner plates!). Jose and Fernando, as usual, hunted for lobster. I had a little look but I didn't see what they were getting excited about. Instead I watched the anemones, picked up star fish, watched a mesmerising school of little fish hanging out of the current under the wreck like a mobile. It was out first deco dive and we really hardly needed a deco stop, because we really didn't push it. Charlie was also on the boat as well as Steve Lombardi and Howard. Charlie is coming to Cozumel in October, so I'm going to see if I can arrange to dive with him with Herman, who is a pretty renowned cave diver on the Island. I'd like to meet Hernan and see what the caves in Cozumel are like.
After the dive we went and ate lobster and shrimp, then had to stop at MacDonalds for French fries cos the Lobster and Shrimp did not cut it!

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