Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Count Down. Monday

If I thought I'd had a tiring weekend this topped it all. I got up at 5 to finish packing then went to Dunkin Doughnuts to buy a bagel (not top rate), then picked up Jose and Steph before going to U-Haul. I opted for the larger truck on the basis that it was only $20 more expensive and it would suck not to have enough space (turns out my spacial appreciation is about as good as my directional sense!). My stuff barely filled 1/2 of the truck.
Then I picked up Fernando and Steph and Jose met us at my place. The police had put sleeves on the parking meters, as planned, so there was plenty of space for the truck. We started moving at around 9.30 and were done with everything in the van by 12ish. A lucky coincidence was that Katherine and Fernando were moving to Pennsylvania this same day/ and the next. This meant that we were able to get some of their stuff and stick it in the van before we left. They are going to put stuff in my storage unit also. This is fantastic for me because I can leave the keys with Fernando and he can keep an eye on my stuff and will be able to get stuff out for me if I need it. We were done by 2.30ish and all headed off to PA (me in my Honda, Jose in the truck and Fernando is his little Honda with his bird and dog). I was in the rear because I'd had to drop Steph off on the way and my GPS then decided to take me on the scenic route. We coordinated through out the journey and all met at Fernando's new house at around 4.30ish for unpacking and pizza. The house is in the Poconos and is lovely. Its really peaceful out there with trees and mountains. The house has a log fire and is surrounded by decks. Its amazing what you get for your money out there. You would be lucky to get a studio in Hoboken for the same rent!
Katherine arrived soon after us and we chatted for a little bit and then headed off to the storage unit. I was able to turn over my keys to Jose and have him drive me to Bethlehem. This was a mixed blessing - I'd been falling asleep at the wheel on the way down (an awful feeling - I literally nod off thinking 'I'll just close my eyes for a second it will be fine'). Anyway it became clear that Jose was also suffering from the same problem when we nearly veered off the road. I decided to wake him up by putting on some Billy Joel - we both sang piano man at the top of our lungs which is sure to breath life into any tired person!! Then I regaled him with the full Spanish repertoire from my i-pod - including one of his favorites 'Hey' by Julio Iglesias. I like this too and am in the process of translating it. I feel Julio's pain in this song - just like my break up with TJ! OK I digress. So we got to the storage unit, and unloaded. Here are Jose and Fernando modeling Fernando's refrigerator and all of my worldly possessions:
You can tell that Jose is more of a natural model than Fernando.
We dropped off the U-Haul and Fernando drove us back to NJ. Jose, as usual fell asleep in the back of the car.
These guys have been great. Fernando spending a full day helping me when he should have been packing up his own apartment and Jose taking a day off work to lug all of our stuff around. Excellent friends. Going to miss these guys. One of the trips I definitely want to make from Mexico next year is to go diving in the St Lawrence with J&F.

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