Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Count Down. Tuesday

I woke up and cleaned my old bedroom. i then mapped out the space in my car with blue tape on the floor and started a dry run pack. I think it will all fit - because in the actual car with walls and doors I will be able to squeeze things in.
It then took me 2 1/2 hours to drive to a doctor's appointment in Queens. Something was going on in the city and they had traffic police stopping anyone making a left onto an avenue over to the West Side. Problem is I needed to get to the West Side to get to Queens. So after trying 3 different Avenues and driving round in circles for 40 mins I ended up literally begging the first traffic cop I'd seen to let me past. I saw another one at the next intersection and just sped by before she got the chance to wave me over! Let me tell you I will not miss driving in the city. After the doctor I did more packing of the last odds and ends and sorted out my paper work. I then went to the DMV in Bayonne. This was a dream compared to the DMV in Jersey City. For a start there is a parking lot right outside and the whole process of getting the lien cleared off my title document took around 5 mins. The n washed my car and came home to do more tidying before my dad arrived.
Dad arrived at 6.30 ish - good to see him . His journey had run smoothly. We went out for dinner and when we got back Jose and his brother were already in my apartment collecting my washing machine and some other odds and ends. Will my packing ever be done??? I'm really almost nearly there.


mexpat said...

WOW! Your dad is there already! Leaving tomorrow! YEEHAW!!!

Anna said...

I know its crazy!!! We actually should be arriving on the 9th. What time does your flight get in? I could perhaps pick you up at the airport. I suppose you'll want a night at home before traipsing over to Coz. My goodness I could kill an afternoon sleeping on the beach right now!

Cat said...

Oh my god! It is real and you are leaving! It leaves an emptiness in New Jersey for me!!!

I can't believe you are so organized that you mapped out space on your floor to do a trail packing! You never cease to amaze me in your organization!!

Well, Anna, I wish you all the best in your drive and your time on the road! Safe travels!! Cat xo