Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Goodbyes:(

Had my last weekend working for Lehigh Valley Dive Shop this past weekend. It was fun, Fernando helped me which always makes it better:) I had 4 students and camped. I was FREEZING camping on Saturday night and had to pull the neck tie on my sleeping bag really tight (this made getting my hand out to grab my water bottle difficult!). It was a struggle to get out of that thing in the morning too. Think I'm bringing my tent to Mexico. I see some camping on the beach in my future.
I'll miss the guys at Lehigh - Stan is AWESOME, Pete, George, Trace, Bob and Jenn. Really warm people who welcomed me into their group this summer.
Then BBQ at Jose's girlfriend's house. Katherine (I just learned its Katherine with a K - sorry Katherine!), Fernando and the baby came. They are moving to a home in PA and will probably store some stuff in my storage unit. This is great because I can leave my keys with Fernando and I know the place will be checked from time to time when he's diving at Dutch.
Last night I went out with my friend Christine Amatucci. We drove to New Brunswick which is midway between where we both live. Christine is awesome and another person I hope will visit me.
Packing is going well and on target. Most of my financial stuff is working out too and I have a good portion of my files reallocated at work.
Last weekend at the beach this weekend. I really should be at home packing but will come back early Sunday morning and spend the day at it.

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