Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Cozumel

Christmas (although I only really felt Christmassy for 24 hours) has been nice in Cozumel. People here are pretty religious so Christmas is a big thing. Most celebrate on Christmas Eve. I went to a friend's house for Christmas Eve and ate chili's stuffed with cheese and rice - very nice. I stayed up talking until 2am which is pretty late for me. I enjoyed spending Christmas with one of my new close friends. I have to say I did miss family. My parents went to church with my brother and his new girlfriend. They did all of the usual things on Christmas Day - family gathering at my uncle Rob's House; lunch at home - I imagine they all sat around and watched television having over eaten in the evening; Boxing Day with Judith and Robin.
So last night I decided to walk around town tonight practicing with my new camera - taking shots of Christmas in Cozumel. I took a little video of this Santa - I pass this house every day on the way to yoga and see Santa rocking away:

The town square has a big nativity scene:The main Ocean Drive is festooned with street lights:A huge tree, complete with snowman family, stands by the Ocean just West of the main square:Lots of Church Services (and no Mam and Dad, I did not make it to Church but I do now have the schedule on my refrigerator - which is a step closer):I'm looking forward to a year even more full of changes next year. My fortune cookie today said 'don't let doubt bar your progress' - a good piece of advice for 2009.


rscalzo said...

I'm glad to see that the move from NJ is going well.

I have to admit that I'm somewhat jealous. I'm spending Christmas in a cold New England town with snow covering everything. Sitting on a warm beach might be a pleasant substitute.

Anna said...

Hey Rich - Happy New Year. The weather has been great down here over Christmas. Loving every minute of life here. Very simple and relaxing.


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