Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well following a general decline in the healthiness of my eating habits and a very indulgent weekend in New York, I have decided to detox my body. I am doing a juice detox. Mostly juiced vegetables that are good for detoxing your liver. Today so far I have eaten:

1. apple and carrot juice
2. beet, radish, carrot, apple
3. pineapple, flax and celery

I figure I will have two more juices before bed.

So far it is OK. Food has always been an issue for me. I've struggled with crash dieting, a touch of anorexia and overeating (I was once 50lbs overweight). Its always been a battle. Its 4pm now and having consumed liquids only does not feel so bad. I'm sweating a lot which may be the start of the toxins exiting - or just summer in Cozumel. My throat is also sore - which could also well be a little bit of detoxing stating and I have a headache. I'm planning to be on juice for 5 days and then I want to do two days with porridge for breakfast, juice for lunch and something simple like brown rice and veggies for dinner. Looking forward to my body feeling clean and healthy.

My liver is probably thinking - what the hell is going on - ooohh lots of healthy stuff!!!!

OK I can't eat but I can lie in bed and watch an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer.


naidyfinn said... don't need to do this.

Anna said...

That's not nice. I do need to do this!