Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby update

23 weeks down 17 to go!! So how is pregnancy so far? It's strange! I can now feel this little man wriggling around inside of me. I wonder what he gets up to because sometimes he is very busy indeed.
I get periods of feeling more calm and peaceful than I have in my entire life. I can feel his little life force inside of me and it makes me feel more connected with everything. It's this serenity that has meant that I have yet to succumb to the worrying that I have heard can plague other pregnant mothers. I even feel strangely calm about giving birth (lets hope that does not change).
I do find the weight gain hard to deal with. Those of you who've known me for a long while will remember that I was fairly obese in my 20s. With that obesity came a decade or more of pretty intense depression (which came first the fat or the depression, I'm not sure, but for me being overweight is not a happy state). People who've known me for less than 10 years can't imagine me being overweight, but being overweight and the way it made me feel, is something that scares me quite a lot. Today I packed all of my little clothes in a vacuum bag to make room for maternity clothes and clothes I have bought for the baby. During my swim I tried to find a calm place of reason 'I will loose the weight when I give birth - it will be a fun challenge'. I'm generally trying to put all thoughts of this nature out of my mind.
What else. Well I have a nice little belly and so far no stretch marks (I am so hopeful that I will follow in my mother's footsteps and not get these). I do plaster my stomach with anti stretch mark oil after every shower . I had a rotten two months of morning sickness, and since have been pretty comfortable. Unfortunately I have started getting acid indigestion. Today I went out and bought some tums and that seems to have been a big help - so lets hope the tums continue to work.
I'm excited. In 4 months (Sept 29th - or probably within the 2 week period thereafter) I should be looking at a little baby. Julio is also very excited and I've been feeling more in love with him than ever over this time. I have a business trip for a month starting June 23, which I hope does not put too much stress on my body. I'm going to take it easy though. It's not a stressful assignment and I will sleep as much as I can when I am not in the office. When I get back to Mexico there will be only two months left until we meet our little son.
I'm so pleased that I have my husband who will make the best dad in the world!

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