Friday, June 3, 2011

House Update

Well, while my job has been to grow our son, Julio's job has been to oversee the building of our house, as well as actually make all of the doors and window's and install plumbing and sewage with the help of his awesome brother Christian (Christian also put in the electricity for us). Things are starting to come together with the house.
A big step forward this week was the pouring of the second floor roof. Same as last time, the builder erects a wooden platform to hold the cement while it dries flat onto the roof. Over this platform they lay a grid of re-bars to keep the whole structure strong, and then Julio and Christian put electrical hosing over the lattice work. I went to see the pouring as I missed it last time. We hired a big truck to come and pour the whole roof. Here it is in the street. You can see the big hose which pumps all of the cement onto the roof.Here is a shot of the cement truck guy and the builders spreading the cement over the rebars and wooden platform (the orange hose is the electrical tubing):And then the finished roof:
We can see the cruise ship's from our roof and it's pretty breezy up there. One day I'd like to put another couple of rooms on the third floor and a big palapa (big grass roof).
Julio and Christian have been working until 11.30 almost every night on doors and windows. Here are two views of the kitchen. You can see that they have completed the outer frames (actually these have been completed for the whole downstairs exterior). They've also completed the first window:Right now they are working on the back door. Like I said, Christian has been great - he's a carpernter by trade and Julio is also pretty good with wood. Them being so talented is saving us a ton of money. I know Julio is very tired but I think he enjoys working on the house and I guess it's nice for him to be able to spend so much time with his brother. The downside is that I get to spend very little time with him, but it will all be worth it in the end. I also know that Julio and his brother have far more attention to detail than local workers. Now we just have to hope that we can get the house into a state we can move into before the end of September. Once upstairs is ready for doors and window they are going to concentrate on the baby's room so we can get that completed at the very least. I hope that the downstairs doors and windows will be finished soon too so that we can tile and get the kitchen underway.

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