Monday, August 13, 2007


On Sunday afternoon we dove from the BLUE FATHOMS owned by Capt Tony. Michele works on the boat as Mate and her boyfriend Bill was also there. Hans & Allie, as well as a new DMC who'll assist me for the rest of the season, Stuart all dove with me. The other mate was a guy called Justin who was on the boat last time I tried to dive with Charlie, Fernando and Jose. The ocean was perfect - 1 ft swells. The visibility was excellent and we saw, a huge fluke, two types of rays, what looked like cat fish, lobster & eels. There were also lots of anemones. I stuck my finger into the middle of a few - to see if they would close up - and yes they do! Stuart was easy to dive with and it was very relaxing diving with Hans and Allie. Hans ran a line, as the wreck was pretty broken up and he stayed down for around 20 mins longer than we did on his re-breather. Allie and I sat out the second dive basking on the front of the boat. It reminded Allie of 'Rio' by Duran, Duran. I felt that we were a little less glamorous than that - more like a pair of bedraggled two year olds with sandals and messy hair. We almost convinced Capt. Tony to serve us cocktails. When the divers returned we headed for the dock, in the direction of the setting sun. Two beers and fish and chips and we were all ready for bed. Unfortunately we had a long drive home in traffic. I slept for England!!

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