Monday, August 13, 2007

Hoboken Dive Center Picnic 8.11

Dutch Springs is my second home in the summer....
Saturday was the dive shop's summer BBQ. It was a nice day. Allie, Hans, Janet, Eric, J's friend Darren and Trish did a dive along the wall I often dive on with students. I'd been excited to do this dive with no one to keep an eye on. I took a few pictures which unfortunately do not really show how beautiful this wall is. When you look up you can see the sun shining through the leaves of the trees which overhang the limestone wall of the quarry. Fish play in the sunlight - its very dreamy:
After the dive I played in the water park with Hans and Allie. This was really good fun. I jumped on floating trampolines, tried and failed to climb up 25' floating icebergs. Hans managed this and made some dramatic splashes! Good, clean, fun.

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