Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It was nice to get back to Cozumel again. Some things had been praying on my mind in New York and I always find the diving here washes all of the worries away. Michele has promised to write a guest spot on our cave diving experiences. Exciting, challenging and beautiful...

So diving.... A favorite is the arrow crab. They always seem so busy and I imagine them shouting at me with a little voice that sounds like they have held their nose or taken a good breath of helium. I think that it is the shape of their heads, rather than an actual nose which sticks up in the middle of their little faces. But I like to think of them as little willow the whisp type characters with some very important business at hand. Its kind of evil but I do like to grab them out of their little holes and put them in my hands. I always put them back in the same spot - but I do like to see them get all fussed up!! They do try to attack with those tinsy little claws - its so cute:) "ouch, stop - put me down, put me down, I have very important business to attend to today on my pink spong, take that you big ruffian".
We met up with Sophia in Playa and life seems to be going well for her. Also spent time with Josie. Dove every day (buseo cadi dias) with Juan Avilla - a ready made Mexican dad. Colebra and Benjamin both were helping me practice my Spanish. Their English is only a little better than my Spanish so this works quite well.

Was also nice to see Monica from the whale shark trip. Cozumel flew over so fast we didn't get to hang out - but when I move to Cozumel she'll be a nice friend. Miguel said he has a friend who is English and has a hair dressing salon - excellent - and a gym where they do yoga.

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mexpat said...

Is that a gym where Miguel and this lovely English Rose do yoga together? Ok- I'll get my mind out of the gutter... ;)

Looking forward to catching up!