Sunday, December 2, 2007

Adios Hans, Allie & Stu Mac...

All of my favorite friends are leaving me:-( Stuart MacDonald, who I work with, is my American brother and a very close friend and confidant. Stuarts relationship advice has proved to be suspect, but he is very good at cheering me up when I've had a rough time. The kind of guy I can sit and chat to on my sofa in my jim jams (Stuart stayed with me for a month between apartments). So Stuart left last night for a job in Vancouver. I've had such a stressful time at work recently that Stuart's leaving kind of crept up on me and now I'm a little sad.

Then today I had lunch with Allie and our Spanish teacher Mercedes and realized that it would be the last time I see her and Hans before they leave to live in Playa Del Carmen on January first. I'm going to miss them both a lot. All three kindred spirits.

With Anna Spurling, my American Mother, retiring at the end of the year it feels like a change is in the air. All my peeps are leaving me!

Hans & Allie did say one of them will meet me in Texas if I drive down to Playa Del Carmen in July so I don't have to make it through Mexico alone. That was nice.

So I've invited myself to Jeff's house for dinner. I don't believe he has any immediate plans to leave NYC. He was also able to tempt me with a Christmas tree and a glass of burgundy. Perhaps I'll bring some Christmas tunes.

Cat, Michele, Carey & Jeff are not allowed to move anywhere any time soon!!

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