Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anna's Retirement Party

Those of you who know me well will know that I rarely speak fondly of work. Actually as far as possible I try not to speak of work at all when I'm not there as it just stresses me out. BUT many will have heard me talk of my American mother Anna Spurling. Anna is 66 and from Charleston and I've worked with her since I moved to New York. We always eat lunch together in the kitchen, with Jose. A truly beautiful, warm loving person. She and I have become very close through the years. Unfortunately she is retiring and her last day is tomorrow. Yesterday we had a surprise retirement party for her. There was lots of laughter and tears and I was reminded of how great some of the people I work with. Jose was DJ:Mr. Craig, my old claims manager made an appearance 5 years after his own retirement to say goodbye to Anna (I always call him Mr. Craig, but his name is Bill) - he's pictured here with Vince Solarino:. Chuck collected most of the money which the staff gave to Anna as a parting gift - we collected $1000 which is not at all bad. Don, Muge, George Grauling, Saki, Vicki, Alex, Sheriece, Cheryl - all people who I have a great fondness for and would miss tremendously if I left:

Oh yes and we also invited Anna'a daughter, Sonia and her 'play son' Javan: OK so perhaps a little bit of my heart does live in this town. I'm going to miss Anna like crazy - but she's one lady who I know will always be a part of my life:)

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