Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend in Connecticut

Was invited to a cocktail party at Christine Norton's house in Cos Cob, Connecticut. Despite Sinead's and my juvenile sense of humor and merciless tormenting, Christine went ahead with the purchase of her house two years ago which is proudly situated on 'Mianus view' or as I affectionately refer to her street ' my anus' view.

We drank champagne and chopped veggies before the guests arrived. Christine's house looks very Christmassy and her tree puts my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree to shame. Lots of new people and by 12 I'm ashamed to say I passed out cold on the couch. Then to bed. One of my favorite things about Christine's house is the bed in her spare room.

This is one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in. Its also nice because when you wake up you can look right out of the window. I'd planned to get up early and jet BUT this bed held on to me til 10ish. I then sat and had a good catch up with Christine. We went through photo albums, talked about work, men, Mexico, friends and then headed out for lunch before I drove home in horrible sleety, windy, gray weather.

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