Sunday, December 9, 2007


Just returned from a business trip to Canada where there was 2 feet of snow on the ground. Then last night I went to Michele and Tom Henessey's for a Holiday party. Drove home this morning listening to Carols sung by Mario Lanza and began to feel very Christmassy. I had lunch with Carey and she asked if I was going to get a tree this year. I hadn't been going to bother because I go home for Christmas. Then I was in Shop Rite and there were cute little Christmas trees in pots for $14. I'd invited Jeff, Aaron and Cat over for dinner (Christmas curry - a great Geordie tradition), so I decided to get a little tree. I've always been a tinsy bit sentimental and have a chest full of tree decorations. I enjoyed dressing the little tree. I still have some ornaments from when I was a little girl. Some that my grandmother gave me and some that I chose myself when I lived with a boyfriend back in Newcastle (I was very grown up back then!).

So here is my little tree in my cosy kitchen.

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