Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Blogger

I have been very bad at blogging lately. Truth is I've been going through my winter hibernation period. Dieting, working out at the gym, teaching. All work and no play - nothing fun to report. Although I rather enjoy this whole winter process of re-grouping. This weekend I'm teaching an executive class. I have a Dive Master candidate, Fernando Sanchez, who is also a friend which is making this much more fun.

He's really as enthused about teaching, as I am(still after 2 years I love it). This is a good sign for a permanent career move. I don't think teaching all day could possibly drain the energy that working in an office does. Even the cocky students that irritate me end up being challenging in a good way and often nice once I've broken their spirits :)

Mexico Plans - still on schedule for a Labor Day weekend take off. Work has been sucking more than usual lately which makes me feel like I am totally making the right decision. I feel like God is digging me in the ribs with his elbow and saying 'go on you know its the right thing to do'. My saving plan has befallen a few small set backs (slightly smaller tax refund and Bonus than expected). BUT as soon as I get the dive shop's summer schedule I plan to reach out to another shop and a college I know and see if they need any instructors. A bit of hard work ahead of me but all well worth it I think. Oh yes I also got my passport! All systems go!!!!

I have decided to put off getting a dog until I arrive in Mexico, when I'm actually thinking I might get a little puppy. its so very tempting to get a little cute baby puppy and bring him up properly. OK checking out - going to get dinner with a friend CANNOT wait to get a nice meal:)

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