Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts of the week...

Had a bit of a panic attack this weekend. Its started because I have a print I've had since I was a little girl. It is very age warn and the paper is so dry it's splitting. So one of my projects this weekend was to have this picture laminated.

Anyway when I took it out of the plastic rods it was hanging in it split a bit and then Staples said that they could laminate it BUT if the paper was heat sensitive I could run the risk of loosing the whole picture. All of a sudden I think this made me feel very insecure about the prospect of saying goodbye to a lot of my possessions. The idea of choosing a car load of 'things' and parting with the rest actually makes my stomach turn. Its stupid, I know, they are just things. I was talking to my Spanish teacher today about it, as she gave up her job as a lawyer and moved from Barcelona to America to teach and to write a novel. She says you don't even remember those things when you've gone, and of course having moved from Newcastle to Leeds and then England to New York, I know this to be true. I also went out for dinner with Jeff and Michele last night and Sue on Friday and that made me melancholy about loosing friends. BUT then I have not really seen Michele since November when we went to Mexico together and Sue for over a year. I'll probably see those people just as much when I leave. I suppose the print has childhood connections and when it tore and I'm told nothing can be done to preserve it I guess it feels very invasive. Well I have been trying to reason all of this out. The magnet on my fridge says 'leap and the net will appear'. I only wish you could see the net before you leaped and perhaps wear a safety harness:)
Spanish is going quite well. I'm getting better at conjugating my verbs and am now talking in past tense (with a little careful planning before I launch into my sentences). I don't think I will make it into future tense before I leave to Mexico, but I can always fall back on 'voy a' (I'm going to).
This trip to Mexico is actually very fortunate timing. It will give me the opportunity to thoroughly get a feel for whether this is what I want to do and catching up with Hans and Allie (and grilling them about their new lifestyle) will be great.
Looking forward to April 10. Only 2 weekends to go...

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mexpat said...

I'm Very much looking forward to your trip and seeing you again! Most of the stuff we left behind and it's only the oddest of things we miss, like an old wetsuit to patch our current ones or a BC to convert to a sidemount harness. And of course, our nice road bikes. But it's a quick flight back to NJ if we need stuff. Over all I think you'll really like it here and I think the net is wider and more sturdy than it might seem in your imagination (but I'm saying that from my position in the Mexico net, so...).