Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well I have a long check list of things to do before moving. Actually I'm currently in my pre-pre-moving checklist phase. This has involved:

Becoming a US Citizen (done)
Getting a US Passport (application in - not yet anxious)
Buying a sexy pink cow hide cover for my new US passport (done - last year actually - it pays to be prepared!)
Accumulating lots of Scuba equipment so I have a stash when I'm an impoverished instructor (done)
Getting back to my fighting weight after a lapse at the end of last year (in process - moving into 'body for life' phase)
Saving to pay off my car(DONE!!!!!!!!!!!).

After much belt tightening, a generous retirement gift from my mother and a slightly less than expected, tax refund, I have finally managed to pay off my car lone! The bank where I HAD the lone closed at 6 so I had to run from the train station arriving breathless at 5.50, which added to the drama. The teller was suitably impressed by my check for $15,575, which is actually the largest check I have ever written by far. Now I can take my little CRV to Mexico with me with no worries -just insurance which I'll probably pay for (1 year) in advance. Soon it will be time to move into the full pre-moving planning phase.

My dad is taking the drive with me and tells me that he is putting together a long check list for me. He's also planning the route which takes care of what will be one pre-move checklist item. I'm off to Mexico on April 10 for 10 days (4 days with customers from Hoboken Dive Center, which I do kind of enjoy and the rest free). I'll spend some time on that trip working on my pre-move check list - with a little help from Hans and Allie.

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mexpat said...

I wouldn't pay for American car insurance a whole year in advance if you're leaving because it's only good 25 miles into Mexico or something like that. You'll need Mexican car insurance (markedly cheaper than NJ insurance).

Also- add "Stocking up on Joico products" to your list of things because I haven't found any of it here. So far just Kerastase, Redken, Sebastian and one other... ummm..... I can't remember, but it's not one of the ones I've ever used. (Redken's not bad, by the way)