Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sinead's visit

My friend from Uni, Sinead came to visit this weekend, which was nice. Its funny though, Sinead and I used to be real party animals and I find these days I am not at all in the mood. Mostly because of my fear of hangovers. These days I find myself saying 'no thank you I've had enough' after two glasses of wine. Not the Anna of the past!! Still three glasses these days and I'm trashed and hung over in the morning.

I also feel I lack the motivation. A friend Connie has suggested meeting up this weekend, but she starts the night at 10pm and drinks til 1 and I just cant do that anymore and also I have come to truly dislike the bar scene. I find I avoid Connie because I'm scared of going out with her. I get so bored in bars that I'm likely to push that 2 drink limit and once I;'ve gone over 3 it can be difficult to apply the breaks. Right now I almost feel like I want to hibernate until May when the warm weather kicks in.

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naidyfinn said...

i've just seen this. i'm having a dry month and am going to do a 10 km run on 12 October, the day before i go to Gibraltar to start my day skipper course.

the party days are over. i'm now going to live my life like i'm in a feminine hygiene product commercial