Friday, February 8, 2008

Meditation Laurie

Went to a really good guided meditation class led by my yoga teacher Laurie last night. Candles, rose petals, sage smudging and peacock feathers. Very relaxing. She's going to be running these every two weeks so I'm quite excited. She read this poem which I really liked:

-danna faulds

Called beyond the confines of this chrysalis by a force I cannot see or name, I am compelled by pain and something bigger than myself to leave the protection of all that I have known. there is struggle, doubt, a awkward setting forth. finally I break free of the cocoon and find myself surrounded by air and light.

I dare to act, still not knowing what I am; instinct, or maybe faith bids me move forward, make the leap, explore this mystery of change and flight.

I find myself with wings that dwarf my former world. Unfurled, they dry quickly in the sun. I, who expect to spend my days crawling, now teach myself to soar. Such a rush of wind and freedom- that first flight teaches me more than I had learned in a lifetime of crawling.


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