Friday, February 15, 2008

A little nervous....

Just about to get in the shower and make my self beautiful for my IMMIGRATION INTERVIEW!!! Its 6.30 am right now and I have to be at the Interview and Oath Ceremony site 30 mins before my 8.40am interview. I'm told this should be a breeze - but with so much hanging in the balance I cant help feeling butterflies in my stomach. There is a chance I will be sworn in today also (but this is a very slim chance). I'll likely be sent away to wait for my swearing in date notification. At that point I'll swear allegiance to the flag and exchange my Green Card for a certificate of citizenship, which I can then use to apply for a US passport. There should be only a maximum of 5 days where I'm unable to travel, so my Mexico trip in April should be safe.
OK signing out - fingers crossed!

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