Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carnival in Cozumel...

Well to be honest I did not enter into the true spirit of carnival. Nevertheless the 4 days leading up to ash Wednesday were crazy here in Cozumel. All over the Island dancing in the streets, the official parade started at 6 every day. One curious thing about this island is the number of transvestites who live here. Not your hot New York type transvestite mind you - glamor is far from the grasp of the Cozumeleno transvestite! In any event this is the time for all manner of craziness to come out. I'd see Elvis getting into his car on the way to work (apart from dressing as women, the Elvis costume is the most popular carnival getup).
I walked into town to nights and the streets were crowded:Here is the King of Carnival:
And an idea of the feel in the streets:

The parade was cool. Allie would have liked the pirate float - I liked the Wizard of Oz float. We walked around the square and listened to a Cuban band. Some people were dancing well, others not so much:) I'd really like to be able to Salsa. I might look into learning some day soon. Vicki and Eddie could have shown these people a thing or two. I was back at home by 10.30. One of my students the next day reported drinking til 5 - this, I guess, is really what Carnival is all about but I am getting old and boring!!

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