Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Back...

Well its been a while since I've blogged - apologies. After Christine and Cat left I had a lot of work to do in making my new apartment habitable. Mostly painting. I painted my apartment in NJ and I have to say that this was a much harder task. Firstly paint in Mexico smells much more strongly than its US equivalent. Add to this that I'd developed a nasty chest infection and you can imagine that painting became a mammoth task. When I was finished I had to leave the apartment for a week for the smell to completely clear so that I could stand being in there again. I'm not sure that there is a Health and Safety Authority here, to speak of but I'm pretty certain that the paint I was breathing was not entirely healthy for me. Next time I will definitely wear a face mask.
So now I am in my new apartment. I've cut my rent in two and I love my new place. I bought all of my own furniture, which is really nice. I have a mint green bedroom, sunshine yellow, eat in kitchen and a white bathroom. Everything is how I like it. I still need a bed base, bedside tables and a desk, but need to save a little for those.
I have been hampered a little by my illness. I basically got sick after the January full moon celebration - all that dancing around with the cold wind running through my hair! I had a pretty bad chest infection with very irritating chesty cough, followed in quick succession by a head cold.
I have a boyfriend too, which is taking up a little of my time. One of my, self set, blogging rules is not to talk about romantic relationships. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily - well they are private. Also I like to keep my blog focused on the constant things in my life. I want to be able to go back and read it without thinking - Uggrrrhhh!!! Sad reflection on my past relationships, but there you go.
So why do I mention my new relationship???? I guess its just because it has been occupying my thoughts a little recently and so blogging about other things has seemed less exciting.
Work is good. Loving the guys I work with Fernando and Luis. We all work pretty hard but Cozumel has been beset with an unending stream of North Fronts - which bring cold temperatures, wind and rain. This has not been good for business as it is difficult to convince people to jump into a frigid pool when its gray and cold.
Michele Carvale and her fiance Bill are currently in town. Great to see them. Both very happy and excited about getting married.

So there it is an a nutshell. I'm setting myself a new, once a week blog target. Perhaps next blog I'll add some pictures of my apartment.

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